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In the Media

Movement - Working activity into your life with John Orchard - The Wellness Rebellion Podcast Jun 7, 2021

How John Orchard went from footy diehard to become cricket's top doctor - The Age November 15, 2014

John Orchard - the man who gave Phil Hughes a fighting chance - SMH November 26, 2014

Concerned doctors quit NRL - SMH October 13, 2014

Commonly Encountered Sports Medicine Issues
How to Handle the Media: Who Communicates, what and when? [PDF]
ICL #31 at ISAKOS meeting Toronto 2013

Fit and Well: The spate of knee injuries in the AFL Part 1
Fit and Well: The spate of knee injuries in the AFL Part 2
SEN SportSENtral, 1 May 2013

How Australia Became a Leader in Sports Medicine
BJSM Podcast Dec 16, 2012

To Sub or Not to Sub by Daniel Brettig
Cricinfo Nov 28, 2012

The legality of Pistorius: why ethics is more relevant than biomechanics.
BJSM Blog Aug 5, 2012

Who is to blame for all the football injuries?
BJSM Blog June 20, 2012

ABC Grandstand Sport - The Hit-Up
May 6 2012 - Pre-emptive cardiac screening

Concussion: how do we reconcile risk-averse policies with risk-taking sports?
BJSM Blog 15 March 2012

Des and doctor agree to disagree
Sydney Morning Herald, 10 March 2012

Dr John Orchard talks concussions
Triple M: Best Of DSL - 10 March 2012 (hour 2)

How the AFL knocked concussions on their head
The Telegraph, 7 March 2012

Super Bowl: Two ACL tears and the landmark paper still under review
BJSM Blog 13 Feb 2012

Sports medicine stymied by lack of funding by Sophie McNamara
MJA Insight, 5 December 2011

Why Australia needs a Federal government body devoted to monitoring and preventing sports injuries [PDF]
Independent Sport Panel: 3 November 2011

Making knees last the distance
The Age, August 30, 2011

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport
July 2011, Vol. 14, Issue 4 (MP3)

Reconstructive surgery statistics enough to make you weak at the knees, by Roy Masters
February 25, 2011

Medicare rebate cut adds insult to injury, by Roy Masters
November 17, 2010

Why you can’t find a sports physician in the bush
Crikey: Thursday, 26 August 2010

Heavy Hitters: Dr John Orchard
Article on afl.com.au bu Ben Broad, 14 May 2009

Muscle Injury in Sport
Interview published in physioroom.com, 28 Sept 2003

Cricket Injuries on Tour with the Australian Cricket Team