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The Orchard Sports Injury and Illness Classification System (OSIICS), previously Orchard Sports Injury Classification System (OSICS), is one of the world’s most commonly used systems for coding injury diagnosis in sports injury surveillance systems. Its major strengths are that it has wide usage, has codes specific to sports medicine and that it is free to use, provided it is appropriately acknowledged.

OSIICS is commonly used in the sports of football (soccer), Australian football, rugby union, cricket and tennis. It is referenced in international papers in three sports (see references below) and used in four commercially available computerised injury management systems.
OSIICS version 15 was released on 23 April 2024 on this website. For Version 15, updates for mental health conditions in athletes, sports cardiology, concussion sub-types, infectious diseases, and skin and eye conditions were considered particularly important.

OSIICS version 14.0 (beta) was released on 20 April 2022 on this website.

OSIICS version 13.5 was released on 8 July 2021 on this website and includes new codes for Female athlete, psychology and cardiology diagnoses in particular.

OSIICS version 13.4 was released on 6 November 2020 on this website and includes correction of errors and superior forward translation from previous versions.

OSIICS version 13.1 was released on 24 March 2020 on this website and includes codes related to COVID-19.

OSIICS version 13 was released in March 2020 by the following publication:

Injury classification systems are used in sports medicine for two main purposes:

(1) to accurately classify diagnoses for research or injury surveillance, maintaining diagnostic detail and also permitting easy grouping into parent classifications for summary; and

(2) to create a database from which cases can be extracted for research on particular injuries.

OSIICS was developed in 1992 as OSICS, for the first purpose, forming the basis of a study that examined the incidence of injury at the elite level of football in Australia. At the time, there was no relevant published sports injury classification system that was free to use. OSIICS is free to use for researchers and sports medicine professionals, provided it is appropriately acknowledged.

Please make an acknowledgement of OSIICS whenever you use this in a commercial project or scientific paper